Four Benefits of Choosing Adult Braces

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The thought of wearing braces as an adult may not seem like a popular one, but many patients find it to be a wonderful life choice! Below, we offer four benefits of choosing to receive braces when you are an adult:

1. Your smile matters. Most everyone you meet will notice your smile first before anything else, which is why you should have a smile you are proud to show. Braces can help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

2. Braces stop teeth from changing over time. Even healthy teeth can shift during your adult years and alter your bite. If you have a crooked smile that is not treated with braces, it may continue to shift and become more crooked, causing further dental issues.

3. You can avoid significant dental issues by correcting misaligned teeth. It’s hard to remove bacteria and plaque from between crooked teeth, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and we invite you to take this opportunity to correct your alignment.

4. Modern braces are better than ever. You can choose from a variety of options for braces, including lingual braces, ceramic braces, ClearCorrect®, and Invisalign®, offering you convenient and discreet treatment.

Adult braces are gaining popularity, and we invite you to learn if you would benefit from adult braces in Wayne, New Jersey. Call 973-341-3180 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Muhammad Abey, our orthodontist at Wayne Family Orthodontics.

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