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Braces at a Young Age

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Getting braces at a younger age has proved most effective in preventing dental problems in the future. Permanent teeth start to typically come in about the ages of six to eight, and because the bones are still growing, it’s best to evaluate their tooth alignment at a young age to determine what orthodontic treatment is needed at the time or in the future if needed at all.

A fun aspect of having braces is getting to choose colorful elastics! You or your child can pick their favorite colors, school pride colors, or base them on the holidays. And because braces are very common in many young people, they have become more acceptable. One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to help them understand the importance of having braces and taking care of them. Create a fun routine to help them attend to their teeth and braces or reward them when they’ve had a successful appointment or they’ve hit their dental care goals.

A recommended age to start looking at getting braces is about 7 years old, recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. You may ask, “Don’t children still have their baby teeth at this age?” Yes, but this is to screen for any problems before braces and prepare for orthodontic issues. These can include underbites, overbites, lack of space, overcrowding, their bite and more. Early screening for these problems is more beneficial at a younger age as well due to the fact their bones are still growing.

By catching these problems early, we can work to align the jaw, create space for the permanent teeth and/or align their teeth early. This first phase of orthodontic treatment is a jumpstart to helping your child have a straight and healthy smile. It usually only requires a dental appliance, especially if your child is too young for braces or they do not need full orthodontic treatment right away.

With the aging and advancement of braces, they have become more acceptable and comfortable. They still take a little time getting used to the feel and the adjustments over time, but the satisfaction of having an aligned smile that will give you the look you want and oral health you need will be worth it.

If you’re looking for orthodontic care, please give our office a call. We will be happy to schedule an appointment and work with you and your child to find the best solution for a straight smile no matter what the age!

To Guide Your Child’s Oral Development, Get Them an Orthodontic Exam by Age 7

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When we picture someone with braces, it’s usually a friend or someone we know as an adult with big, bulky metal gear in their mouth resistant to show their teeth or smile. Though this is what we’re used to seeing, it’s not the norm when it comes to braces. Most of the time braces are applied at a much earlier age during childhood when there is still oral development taking place. Recommendations state that it’s the best practice to bring children into (practice name) for an orthodontic exam before they turn 7 years old.

The reason for the age recommendation is that by that age, all of the primary, or adult, teeth are beginning to come in and replace their original set of teeth grown as babies. Because the teeth are fresh and just coming in, it makes this the perfect time to correct them if needed.

There are a number of developmental issues in oral health that can be apparent by the age of 7 when kids start getting their mature teeth. Orthodontic correction can ensure the teeth and jaws grow in a healthy way and correct any problems that might have arisen. If you wait until the teenage years, the jaw bones have grown strong and can be harder to correct because they are nearer to the adult stage and are often not easy to fix.

If you make the important decision to begin making changes that will ensure the growth of the jaw and eruption of permanent teeth happen in a healthy development pattern, you can avoid difficulties. It will also likely be less costly in the long run to attack these problems from a young age and give your child a healthy and functional smile, not to mention not worrying about embarrassing braces in their teenage years.

To schedule your child’s consultation with our orthodontist in Wayne, New Jersey, Dr. Muhammad Abey, call 973-341-3180 today. We look forward to helping your child on have a great smile for years to come.