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Mouth Guard Options for Contact Sports

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Contact sports are a ton of fun to participate in – but they put your teeth at serious risk. Any blow to your head can crack a tooth, or at worse, dislodge it completely from its socket. If you’re regularly participating in contact sports, you need to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Stock mouth guards are your most inexpensive option. Most sporting goods stores carry them. They are designed with a one size fits most mentality. As a result most athletes complain that make it hard to breathe while also fitting loosely in the mouth.

Boil and bite mouth guards tend to cost a little bit more, but offer a tighter fit. After it is warmed in boiling water, you bite down on the material and it firms up once it cools. Many athletes complain that they are bulky and interfere with breathing.

A custom fitted mouth guard, from our office, is the most effective option for protecting your mouth and maintaining easy breathing. These pieces are made from a thermoplastic material that matches your bite pattern. Some research has found that they even can help prevent concussions and certain types of brain injury. With proper care they can last for several years.

If you need a mouth guard, or have any other questions regarding the mouth guard process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office today at 973-341-3180.