Wearing an Orthodontic Retainer

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When the time comes to remove braces, many patients are eager to show their new smiles. However, there is a second phase of orthodontic treatment after braces, and this is wearing a retainer. Orthodontic retainers are used to prevent the tension that lingers in the periodontal ligaments and teeth from causing your tooth alignment to shift. We invite you to learn more about wearing an orthodontic retainer and how it can improve your new smile.

Retainers are appliances typically made of plastic that attach to a wire that corrals the teeth in their new positions. You can receive either a removable retainer or a fixed retainer. The removable retainer has a wire worn in front of the teeth, while a fixed retainer has a wire behind the teeth and cements to your mouth.

While braces typically are removed after a few years, some patients need to wear a retainer for a lifetime to maintain treatment results. Dr. Muhammad Abey can offer instructions on using your retainer to prevent your teeth from resorting to their old alignment.

Clean your removable retainer by brushing it daily with a special toothpaste and toothbrush with soft bristles. You can also place it in a soaking solution overnight if you don’t wear it at bedtime. A fixed retainer should be brushed twice a day just like your natural teeth, and you may find that a floss threader makes it easy to clean your appliance daily.

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